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甘 蓝 -- Cabbage
白 菜 -- Chinese cabbage
西兰花 -- Broccoli
花椰菜 -- Cauliflower
番 茄 --Tomato
辣 椒 -- Chili
甜 椒 -- Sweet pepper
茄 子 -- Eggplant
黄 瓜 --Cucumber
洋葱/大葱-- Onion
西葫芦 -- Squash
甜 瓜 -- Melon
西 瓜 -- Watermelon
萝 卜 -- Radish
胡萝卜 -- Carrot
其它类 -- Other
HONG KONG YEE HING SEED COMPANY is an international and professional vegetable seeds company which was established in mid-1990s. Now, we have owned research and development breeding base abroad and scientific research model base domestically, which was in charge of experienced agricultural officers. Aiming at this large and rapidly changing seed market of China, we continuously develop and introduce a series of new varieties for meeting domestic market demand and adapting to outward export orientation. With China’s full opening-up and accession to WTO, people's living standard has undergone enormous changes, so the high-nutrition and good-taste new vegetables are much more demanded. To meet people’s new needs, our company selectively introduced and deputized many good varieties of foreign well-known seeds companies, which are from Japan, South Korea, the United States, the Netherlands, France, Denmark, Israel and other countries and regions. We have achieved great success through our gradual promotion and sales in China. Meanwhile, depending on the friendly communications with many international seeds companies, we also continue to promote and export our high-quality and competitive vegetable varieties to foreign countries, for making a contribution to China’s agricultural development. Stepping into the 20th century, all of our members will be more dedicated to devote to this industry with more enthusiasm, and offer the latest varieties to the rapidly-changing fresh market and export processing needs. We sincerely hope to create our mutual benefits and greater success together with you by the combination of our good services, creativity and your superior cultivation techniques.
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